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The Roadmen is dedicated to spreading the word of traditional hot rods and kustoms to the people world wide. That’s right – TRADITIONAL. And we aren’t talking Beach Boys and poodle skirts here fellas. If you are into a-side 50’s pop, lawn chairs, ruler contests, and all things that make hot rodding warm and cozy then you might want to find another message board. If you aren’t sure what we mean by “traditional”, then you might think twice as well. If you’ve come here to set a rep, talk some shit, and make some fun then you had better turn around right now. We aren't patient.

Even if you have come here for all the right reasons, don’t expect posting to be easy. We don’t cater to new fellas unless they show a dedication to spreading this tradition of ours first. We welcome young, old, foreign and all – but our members and our staff expect a certain level of respect and an effort to keep things true and on topic.

Maybe you are an old fart with a past. Maybe you are one of the guys that started this tradition we cherrish. We built this place for you and your posts mean the world to us. Hop on and introduce yourself. This is your board.

Still reading? Then you must be cut out for this, right? We recommend you read some more. Check out all the forums, develop an understanding for how things work around here, learn the “do’s” and “do not’s”… The key to a happy newbie, is to understand the joint BEFORE you begin posting. You want to be happy don’t ya newbie?


1. No profanity in subject lines

2. No political/religious/racial posts

3. No Porn.

4. All personal information listed on this board is private and protected. The Roadmen forum does not sell this information and you are not privy to use it for your own reasons. Test us on this one and we will bite.

5. New Users must fill out their profiles. Every bit that you can. Simply click on "User Cp" above and get to work.

6. New users must introduce themselves in the intro forum.

We have very few written rules here is this forum and that’s the way we like it, but we won’t hesitate to dump disruptive posters, ego freaks, or shit talkers. We are all here to learn and teach - please keep your other perogatives on the sidelines.


1. If in doubt, don’t post it

2. Stay on-topic and relevant with your posts… OT posts aren’t generally appreciated by our membership.

3. Gotta easy question? Try using the search function first.

4. Your life here would probably be easier if you complete your profile and introduce yourself before jumping into the deep end...